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2017/18 Corporate Sponsors

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Why Support Renewable Energy Education?

As the world is increasingly powered by wind energy, it is more critical than ever that we develop a workforce and public who understands the complexities of this new power generation. For over 15 years, KidWind has been committed to teaching the world about wind through curricula, materials and our premiere competition, the KidWind Challenge.

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The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on wind turbine design competition that engages 4th-12th grade students in investigative inquiry through the lens of wind energy. The highlight of the event is the performance testing of student-designed wind turbines in powerful 4 foot tall wind tunnels. Students are also asked to document and present their design and construction process, understand the consequences of how we generate and consume energy, and engage in a variety of challenges to gauge their on-the-spot engineering and problem-solving skills.

Since 2009, KidWind Challenge events have been successfully implemented in 22 states, often culminating in a national event. Over the past 8 years, roughly 15,000 students have competed in more than 150 events. During 2016-17, the KidWind Challenge and our partners impacted over 35,000 students who built and tested thousands of turbines. We organized 23 educator workshops, resulting in 24 state-level challenges in 17 states, culminating in a powerful National KidWind Challenge at AWEA’s WINDPOWER in Anaheim, CA.

KidWind’s impact goes far beyond the students who attend a state challenge. More than 70 percent of the educators who attend our local trainings go on to use KidWind lessons and materials in their classrooms to expose students to wind energy concepts and technologies.

Your support of the KidWind Challenge develops a future workforce that understands and is excited by the POWER of WIND.

What we need

Proposed 2017/18 Challenges (National Challenge in Chicago)

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For the full 2017-18 KidWind Challenge season to happen we must raise $225,000 to cover our costs.

It might sound like a lot, but these funds enable:

25 Educator Workshops across the U.S.
25 State-Level KidWind Challenges
500 KidWind Challenge team kit distributions
$50,000 in wind energy classroom materials distributed to educators
$25,000 in prizes and awards for performing teams

All of these events will culminate in May 2018 at the national KidWind Challenge at WINDPOWER in Chicago.

For more budget details check out the sponsorship guide.

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We realize that not everyone can provide financial support to the KidWind Challenge. We also need support in the form of mentors, judges and event volunteers. By joining the Gale Force, anyone can join the movement and help drive the power of wind energy education!

The Gale Force is a movement of individuals, organizations, and companies focused on supporting the growth and success of the KidWind Challenge, and the partners, workshops, materials and curricula that make it happen.

All financial supporters are automatically added to the Gale Force.

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