Get to know wind energy...really well

Over a period of a few weeks or months, students will design and construct their very own wind turbines! To accomplish this task, and arrive prepared at a Challenge, students must perform research to better understand the science of wind, be analytical about testing protocols, think creatively about solutions to problems, and work collaboratively to complete their project on time. The more organized and knowledgeable your team is, the better you will perform at the KidWind Challenge. Read up on wind power, reach out to professionals, watch videos, ask questions. The Student Corner has a lot of helpful links to get you started!

Understand key concepts about power

It is vital that you understand these basics: voltage, current, power, and energy.

Sparkfun has a great Electricity Basics page that outlines the definitions and applications of voltage, current, and resistance. This video is also a great 3-minute introduction!

Find a KidWind Challenge near you

We hold Challenges where local organizations and companies have sponsored the events and we have local staff. Check out the Events page and see if there is an event near you.

While we wish we could hold KidWind Challenges everywhere, we just do not have the resources to do that. If you cannot find one you have two choices:

  • Contact KidWind and see how you can hold a local event; or

  • Participate in the Online Challenge with our partners at REcharge Labs.

When you find Challenge that’s right for you, register your team and start getting ready. Depending on your event you may be asked to pay a small fee to hold your spot. These fees help to pay for this website, organization of the Challenge, and all the awesome learning resources.

Form a team

A team may consist of between 1–10 students, but in our experience the ideal size is 2–3 people. Anyone between 4th–12th grade can compete in the KidWind Challenge. There are two divisions: 4th–8th grade and 9th–12th grade.

Find a coach

Each team needs an adult coach for every ten students competing. A coach can be anyone, from a classroom teacher to an enthusiastic parent. You don’t need to be a professional wind energy expert to be a good coach.

Coaches help teams gather the materials they need to build their wind turbine and make sure that students have the space and guidance they need to safely build and test their masterpiece. We have an extensive Coaches Corner to guide both new and experienced coaches.

Learn the rules

The Rules and Judging Rubric are our most thorough description of the guidelines for the KidWind Challenge Events. These documents are detailed, so please read them carefully! If you’ve got lingering questions after perusing, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Get your gear

The parts you need to participate in a KidWind Challenge are sold by our partners at Vernier. Vernier has set up a Challenge Products website with suggested kits.

The only required part is the KidWind Turbine Generator, unless you are making your own generator, in which case everything is up to you. If you’ve chosen to make your own generator, you may be interested in our SimpleGEN if you are looking for ideas!

The Rules have a great deal of detail on the materials allowed and not allowed. PLEASE READ!