Sponsors & Partners

Why support the KidWind Challenge?

The KidWind Challenge is made possible by the contributions from our generous sponsors. The support from companies, universities, and governmental organizations helps to provide the kits, training, and staff to make KidWind Challenges happen.

Every year, we aim to keep the cost of participating in the KidWind Challenge low for teams that wish to participate. Reducing the financial barrier to participation in these events is key to impacting as many teachers and students as possible. Sponsorship ensures that our tools, workshops, and resources remain low-cost or free for everyone, regardless of income.

For the 2017-18 KidWind Challenge season $202,000 was raised for all regional and National KidWind Challenge programming. These funds were used for staff, materials and holding all of the events.

We have just launched a Go Fund Me for the 2018/19 KidWind Challenge season. Learn more about sponsorship, join the Gale Force, and be a force for wind energy education today! Have questions? Send a note to michael@kidwind.org!

2018-19 Sponsorship Campaign

We thank last year’s supporters for a great 2017-18. What a fantastic year of wind energy education you helped us execute!


We have just launched our 2018/19 sponsorship campaign that will help fund the next ambitious outreach season. If we reach our funding goal of $325,000 we will execute the following events all over the US.

  • 40 State Level KidWind Challenges in 26 states

  • 40 Educator Training Events, Over 1000 teachers trained in 35 states

  • 5000+ Students directly participated at KidWind Challenge Events

  • 600+ Online Challenge Submissions

  • $75K+ in classroom wind energy equipment distributed

  • Overall impact from KidWind Challenge related activities = 40K students.

  • New KidWind State Challenges in Georgia, Delaware, Hawaii

  • Launch a new KidWind Challenge website and Solar Structures Challenge

Our campaign is looking for support from individuals, corporations and partners. We need support for state level KidWind Challenges and the National KidWind Challenge challenge which will be held in May 2019 at WindPower.

Not sure how you can help? Check out some of the creative ways our regional funders have helped to make things happen.

Event Examples


In addition to that warm, fuzzy feeling you will get when you help the next generation discover their role in a building a renewable energy future, sponsors can also receive the following benefits:

  • Marketing at KidWind Challenges in banners, t-shirts, and print

  • Marketing on KidWind Challenge website and all communications about the Challenge

  • Employee engagement opportunities

  • Potential media opportunities for events sponsored in your area

  • Depending on level of support, the possibility of workshops and KidWind Challenges in communities that are important your company

If you are unable to provide sponsorship, but would still like to support the Challenge, consider being a partner! Getting the KidWind Challenge to run smoothly is no easy task, and it's only made possible when enough people put their heads together and get to work. Partners include individuals and organizations from around the world: REcharge Instructors, local colleges, museums, teachers, and more. We thank all of our partners for the hard work they have offered in the past and will continue to offer in the future!

Partners can participate in a number of ways:

  • Providing team mentorship

  • Judging at local KidWind Challenge events

  • Helping with logistics at local KidWind Challenge events

  • Working to help local schools and educators know about the KidWind Challenge

Past partners include: Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Cortland State University, Cradle of Aviation Museum, Cummings, Department of Energy, Desert Mirage High School, EDP Renewables, Harbec Plastics, High Tech Kids, Iowa Lakes Community College, Kansas State University, KITES Program Atlanta, LM Wind Power, Mortenson Construction, National Society for Black Engineers, NREL, NYSERDA, Pattern Energy, Pennsylvania State University, Vernier Software & Technology, UMass Amherst, Vestas, Wind Energy Foundation, WindENG Program University of Guelph, Xcel Energy, 3M