Goals & Mission


Every KidWind Challenge is a spectacle, but it takes a lot of planning to get there. Behind all of of those impressive students are hundreds of hours of training, logistics, and support.

Our 2017-18 Challenge season was the largest ever with over 35,000 students impacted around the globe.

  • 32 State Level KidWind Challenges in 24 states

  • 37 Educator Training Events, Over 800+ teachers trained in 33 states

  • 4000+ Students directly participated at KidWind Challenge Events

  • 500+ Online Challenge Submissions

  • $50K+ in classroom wind energy equipment distributed

  • New KidWind State Challenges in Alaska, Califonia, South Carolina and even Belgium!

  • New Solar Structures challenge was piloted and will be integrated into the 2019 KidWind Challenge at selected sites.

Our mission: Empowerment through knowledge

Every year we are blown away by the knowledge and resourcefulness that students dedicate to their wind turbine. We have tons of fun at these events, poking and prodding, blowing and spinning, but we never lose sight of our broader mission behind these KidWind Challenges:

  • Get students excited about the promise and opportunities of renewable energy—specifically wind power—and its relationship to global climate change.

  • Foster opportunities for students to build, test, explore, and understand wind and solar energy technology at a manageable scale.

  • Get students—particularly girls and underrepresented populations—excited about careers in STEM fields related to renewable energy.

  • Build capacity of teachers, coaches, and other educators to better understand wind and solar energy technology and development, as well as its promise and limitations.

  • Connect students to mentors and role models in the renewable energy industry.