National Challenge

2018 National KidWind Challenge

2018 National Challenge

We are excited to announce that, with generous support from a variety of funders, we will host the 2018 National KidWind Challenge at the AWEA WINDPOWER 2018 conference in Chicago, IL May 8-10 , 2018.

WINDPOWER is the premier wind energy conference and showcases many of the major wind companies and wind developers. As participants at this event students and their coaches will get to attend the conference for free and will be able to interact with industry professionals.

The goal of the National KidWind Challenge is to provide a venue for the top-scoring participants of local KidWind Challenge Events and the REcharge Labs Wind Turbine Online Challenge winners to compete in one location. At the National KidWind Challenge, teams from all over the world will convene to compete for National recognition. The competition involves tunnel testing, judging by engineering staff, instant competitions, and student presentations.

Top performers at this win a share of cash and prizes, but the real reward for the students and coaches is the connections they make with other students and the wind industry.

Who will be invited?

As in previous years, students who participate and place in one of the local 2016-17 KidWind Challenges or win a monthly REcharge Labs Wind Turbine Online Challenge will be invited to participate in the National Challenge.