National Challenge

2018 National Challenge

2018 National KidWind Challenge Video

2018 National Challenge

The 2017–18 KidWind Challenge season came to an amazing end early May in Chicago at the WINDPOWER 2018 Conference & Exhibition with nearly 500 students, coaches and parents in attendance. It came right down the wire with everything from melting generators and turbines that generated too much power for our gear to measure, to scores so close that picking winners was nearly impossible!

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2018 National KidWind Challenge Champions!

We love the thousands of students who participate in KidWind Challenge events all over the world. They inspire us to work hard and develop quality prompts and challenges. To us, everyone who shows up to a KidWind Challenge is a winner!

That being said some students have pretty spectacular skills building turbines and they are the ones who are invited to compete at the annual National KidWind Challenge. At this event we raise the bar, increase the wind speeds and press students to really understand the power of the wind. If your team is recognized at one of these events, you are a serious wind master.

Nice work 2018 National KidWind Challenge Champions!

High School Division:

  • 1st — Redwood Express from Bath County High School in Hot Springs, VA

  • 2nd — Tuttle Windy’s from Tuttle High School in Tuttle, OK

  • 3rd — Silver Bullet from Coachella Valley High School in Thermal, CA

Middle School Division:

  • 1st — Oxford Air Sharks from Oxford Middle School in Oxford, KS

  • 2nd — SPINNERS from Lanier Middle School in Fairfax, VA

  • 3rd — The Birds from Darlington Elementary/Middle School in Darlington, WI + iTurbine X from Virginia Beach, VA.